The right prescription of people, process, and practice software



PainManagement-Cloud’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service uses a consultative approach. Together, we work with you and your staff to analyze and set specific KPIs for your practice. Our proven method guides you to achieve these goals and optimize your practice.


Increase Your Revenue and Get Paid Faster

  • Optimizing Billing Workflow Optimize Billing Workflow
  • Reduce Claim Rejection Reduce Claim Rejection Rate
  • Lower Accounts Receivable Lower Account Receivable


PainManagement-Cloud Billing Services supplies the technology and the resources needed for you to increase your bottom line and reduce your workload. Our experts analyze your practice for RCM gaps and potential revenue opportunities.

  • Dedicated Billing Manager
    Dedicated Billing Manager

    You are matched with an experienced biller with vast Pain Management experience to perform all billing functions as well as recommend areas of improvement within the practice.

  • 24/7 access all claims
    Full transparency

    24/7 access to view and monitor the status of all claims from within the PainManagement-Cloud EHR.

  • Claims Management
    End-to-End Claims Management

    All claims are reviewed and scrubbed, if needed, to ensure they are complete and accurate. Your dedicated biller(s) handles all follow-ups and tasks required to rework rejections as well as denials and zero-pays.

  • Billing Analysis
    Billing Analysis Reporting

    On a monthly basis, your biller presents monthly performance reviews and practice improvement implementation updates. Every aspect of your practice's financial health is reviewed and indexed against performance benchmarks.

I have a vastly different relationship with my Billing Manager. I am really happy with the Billing Services team and they have been an asset. Things don’t get swept under the carpet. There is transparency in the reporting. Communication is on point and the follow-ups are as well. The billing team makes sure they resolve any issues, so we get paid for all the services we perform.

Marlo SanFilippo, Office Manager


Achieve Full Compliance with MIPS/MACRA Requirements with Confidence

  • MIPS/MACRA Compliance Achieve Timely MIPS/MACRA Compliance
  • Qualify for financial incentives Qualify for Stimulus Financial Incentives
  • Mitigate Risks Reduce Risk of An Audit


CMS rules are continually changing. Together with your staff, we work to ensure your practice has the correct process in place to meet all federal compliance regulations.

Our experts analyze your practice’s strengths and identify opportunities for improvement. Using a multi-tiered process, we perform monthly audits on your practice’s compliance and manage the steps necessary to achieve continual performance improvement.

This process includes:

Pain Management Practice Process
  • Individualized training to augment areas that need improvement
  • Defined attainable goals for your staff to achieve timely compliance
  • Monthly, customized reporting to track your progress
  • Assistance with MIPS Attestation
  • Audit support, if applicable
Our MIPs representative is clear and concise with her information. She understands how we operate and has come up with specialized solutions without significantly changing our practice’s workflow. She is constantly monitoring our performance and will recommend changes to ensure we achieve a higher percentage on our quality measures. MIPS is one aspect you won’t have to worry about. They will guide you as to what exactly you must do. You don’t have to spend the horsepower trying to analyze it yourself.

Gurpal Bindra, MD


Increase the Visibility of Your Practice and Attract New Patients

  • Power of Reviews Harness the Power of Reviews
  • Standout from other Practices Standout From the Competition
  • Showcase your practice and services Showcase Your Practice and Services


Your online presence is something you cannot ignore. It is the first impression you make with most potential new patients and referring providers. Our dedicated and fast-acting team will fully manage and monitor every aspect of your digital footprint from responding to low star reviews to making sure your website appears at the top of search results for Pain Management in your area.

Reputation Management
Reputation Management

Through an automatic and integrated functionality that works directly with your provider’s schedule, your practice can proactively seek reviews from patients without increasing your workload. We perform monthly audits on your practice’s results as well as address any negative reviews in real time.

Website Design
Website Design & Development

Ensure your practice's online presence is a professional, accurate and user-friendly experience for potential and established patients.

Search Engine Optimization

Customized to your practice, our SEO strategy works to increase your Search Engine Results Page rankings for various keyword combinations found on your website.

Managing our website’s SEO and online reviews was a cumbersome and time-consuming process. Now, the Marketing Services team at WRS Health manages all the tasks I didn’t have the time or quite frankly, the knowledge to do. I’m very happy with the decision we made because our practice has seen a boost in new business –almost daily.

Barbara Buckley, NP


Ease the Stress of Everyday Tasks

  • Relieve Front Desk Bottleneck Relieve Front Desk Bottleneck
  • Reduce No Show Reduce No Show Rate
  • Claim Rejection Sources Remove Root Causes of Claim Rejections


As a Pain Management Physician, you work hard to grow your practice. But there may come a time that you or your staff need help in juggling the many tasks of managing a practice. PainManagement-Cloud can provide a virtual front desk assistant (VFDA) to help cover the growth of your practice or provide talent that is needed temporarily or on a full-time basis.

Our trained staff can help your practice with:

  • Appointment Confirmation
    Appointment Confirmation

    Sometimes patients may not confirm their appointment. Your VFDA can call patients on your behalf to ensure your schedule is up to date, safeguarding your provider’s time.

  • Eligibility Checks
    Eligibility Checks

    Prior to a patient’s visit, a patient’s insurance eligibility check may come back as ineligible. We can verify up to 48 hours in advance of your current patient appointment list and follow up on any bad returns.

  • Patient Collections
    Patient Collections:

    To help you reduce patient aging, we call patients on your behalf to alert patients of their monetary responsibility for their upcoming visit, as well as request payments for any outstanding balances.

  • Chart Check
    Chart Check

    As a Pain Management practice, you deal with large volumes of data such as pain questionnaires, imaging tests, lab and diagnostic reports, authorizations, and referrals, including a patient photo. Before a patient comes in for an appointment, our VFDA can check the patient’s chart to verify if the necessary documents are on file.

  • Telehealth Visit
    Telehealth Visits

    Our VFDA can engage with patients prior to their appointment to ensure they can properly access the online appointment.

Our Virtual Front Desk Assistants understood the practice’s workflows and hit the ground running almost immediately. They have done an excellent job in providing the best customer service to our patients with a minimum amount of training needed on our part. Our VFDAs are very diligent, extremely patient-oriented and customer service driven. Patients are comfortable with them calling and verifying information. The VFDAs do an impeccable job in conveying our patients’ needs back to us at the facility. We have an open and flawless communication flow between our staff and the virtual assistants.

Sheila Smiddy, Practice Manager